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Catastropieces is a 3D point-and-click puzzle game in which you build Rube Goldberg machines to make art. Step into the role of an artist who has found their muse through building the wackiest contraptions possible. Between their manager constantly harassing them for their next big piece and their rabid fans trying to break into their home, they sure have their work cut out for them! So put on your paint smock and ready your brushes--a world of infinite paint-sibilities awaits!


  • Freeform sandbox-like play that promotes player creativity
  • Over 30 unique objects to challenge your contraption construction capabilities
  • Iterative-based contraption execution--if it doesn't work, try, try again!
  • A playful, vibrant art style

Install instructions

Unzip and enjoy!


Catastropieces_Win.zip 413 MB


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iits nearly done downloading yas


A gently reply as for NOONE CARES IF ITS DOWNLOADING so just dont comment it

The rooms looks grey screens on WinXP,  can't see anything... if you are interested to fix it, a 32bit build is welcome too.. thanx! :P


pls mac

Need to download this and have a go!


Awesome concept!!!!


Nice title tho!!!

Deleted post

Yaaaay. :)