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iits nearly done downloading yas


A gently reply as for NOONE CARES IF ITS DOWNLOADING so just dont comment it

The rooms looks grey screens on WinXP,  can't see anything... if you are interested to fix it, a 32bit build is welcome too.. thanx! :P


pls mac

Need to download this and have a go!


Awesome concept!!!!


Nice title tho!!!


Really 'neat' game. Great inspiration with interesting results.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to create the real Rube Goldberg machine because no matter how heavy object hit the beam of the lever it didn't move a bit. Just like it was fixed to the object below. Nevertheless I went for simple domino style solution but still had a lot of fun. I guess I'll wait for the next update hopefully bringing Challenges to the game and try again with many more ways.

Yaaaay. :)